JAKA Zu® 12

Product Characteristics:

The self-weight is less than 31 kg, the bearing capacity is 12 kg and the working radius is 1300 mm.

Integrated joint design, easy to assemble and disassemble;

Higher load, larger working radius, suitable for replacing heavy manual handling work, while taking into account the flexibility of deployment and ease of use;

There is no need to install safety fence and cooperate with people, robots and the surrounding environment.

Recommendation Industry and Its Application:

Metal Processing, Automotive Assembly, Injection Molding, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Product Parameters

Weight (cable included)<31kg
Working radius1300mm
Reposition accuracy<±0.03mm
Degree of freedom6axis
Programminggraphics programming
Demonstrator typeMobile devices (tablet pcs/ mobile phones)
Collaborative operationCooperative operation according to GB11291.1-2011
robotic armWorking rangeMaximum speed
Maximum speed of Tools1m/s
Power consumptionMinimum 120W, stable 200W, maximum 2.5KW
Temperature range0-50℃
IP CodeIP54
Robots’ assembly and installationassembly and installation at any angle
Tool I/O Portdigital input 4/digital output 2/analog input 1
Tool I/O power supply24V
Base diameter180mm
MaterialAluminum alloy, ABS plastic, PP plastic
Tool connector typeM6
Cable length6m

Control Box


IP CodeIP20
Control box I/O Port8 digital input,8 digital output,8 analog input
Control box I/O Power Supply24V
Communication standardTCP/IP,wireless networks
Power Supply100-240VAC,50-60Hz
Control box Size450*300*220(mm)(W*H*D)
Materialsheet metal