JAKA Robot has won the recognition of many top robots
JAKA Robot has won the recognition of many top robots


December 8-10, 2018
The annual meeting of Chinese Robot Academy was held solemnly in Wuhan
The theme of the conference is "Man-Machine Integration, Changing Life"
JAKA Robot Invited to the Conference
With experts and colleagues
Share the latest research results of robots
Discussion on the Future Development Direction of Robots

Conference site
Academician Xiong Youlun, Academician Dinghan, Academician Zhang Jianwei, Professor Zhu Xiangyang, Professor Huangtian, Professor Xiong Caihua, etc.
Guidance from the exhibition booth of the Dominant Pro-Festival Card in the field of multiple robots

Academician Xiong Youlun came to JAKA booth for guidance

Dr. Xu Xiong, Vice-President of JAKA, is introducing Robot Graphical Programming to Academician Dinghan

After experiencing the operation of ZU robot
Ladies and gentlemen
The characteristics of ZU wireless interconnection, simple programming and co-operation are fully affirmed.
Implementation of ZU Robot
Zero Foundation Applicants Learn to Program in 3-5 Minutes
Even more praise.

Academician Zhang Jianwei Experiences Zu Distribution Single Page

Professor Zhu Xiangyang and Professor Huangtian came to JAKA booth

Professor Xiong Caihua came to JAKA booth for guidance

Conference site
JAKA ZU Robot and AGV Collocation
Incarnate "Paidan Daren"
Achieving Co-integration and Collaboration
With 360 Degree Dead Angle Free Radar System
Flexible shuttle in the center of the crowd
Deliver a copy of the information to the audience accurately
It brings in wave after wave of audience interaction experience.