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    Q:How many types do Zu® Collaborative Robots have? How much can it load?

    A:Zu® Collaborative Robots have Zu3, Zu7, Zu12 three types, and they respectively load 3kg, 7kg, 12kg.

  2. 2

    Q:How can I use Zu® Collaborative Robot’s wireless connection? Do I need any demonstrator?

    A:Zu® Collaborative Robots are not fettered by conventional demonstrator. It can connect wirelessly with the robot through APP client, which makes the whole demonstration process more with high proficiency.

  3. 3

    Q:How is Zu® Collaborative Robots’ programming?

    A:Zu® Collaborative Robots support drag-and-drop programming and visual programming. Manually drag-and-drop the end of the robot to the corresponding points, the robotic arm will learn, memorize and finish programming by itself; APP visual programming, which transforms complex code language into Chinese characters. Even if application users are zero-based, they can also demonstrate with ease, and the human-robot collaboration is more user-friendly. New programs can be programmed and adjusted at the same time. All the process takes only a few minutes.

  4. 4

    Q:How is the safety of Zu® Collaborative Robots?

    A:Zu® Collaborative Robots set torque feedback module inside. When the collision reaches the set upper torque limit, the robot will stop in time to prevent people and other equipment from damaging and realize human-robot safe collaboration.

  5. 5

    Q:Which certifications have Zu® Collaborative Robots passed?

    A:Currently, JAKA Zu Collaborative Robots has passed authoritative certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, 15066, CR certification, CE certification, and SGS certification.

  6. 6

    Q:Why it is said that Zu® Collaborative Robots can be launched easily and deployed quickly?

    A: Zu® Series Robots are compact and light. They also have characteristics of simple installation, visual identification, high equipment compatibility, etc. Ultrahigh passing ability and flexibility make it happen that Zu® can be launched easily and deployed quickly in any production environment. It excels in application of production requirements like small batch, multi batch, customized and short cycle, etc. 1. It can be installed in any angle anywhere of the production line, which drastically reduces the space requirement. 2. Splendid visual location system guarantees that robots can be switched in multiple work benches anytime. 3. Outstanding compatibility in alternative backup items, like gripping jaws, suction cups, and force sensors, of various bands.

  7. 7

    Q:How does JAKA Zu® Robots embody the concept of Tri-co Interaction?

    A:Function settings like integrative idea of industrial design, outstanding collision stop, and 3D visual identification, guarantee that when Zu® Robots work in harsh environments like high temperature, high noise, high cleanliness, dust, etc., it doesn’t need any safety fences. It can take full account of people and other equipment not to be injured or damaged, and finish tasks successfully, thus it realize the tri-co interaction with operators, other robots and working environments

  8. 8

    Q:Which industries or scenes can JAKA Zu® Robots be applied?

    A:Thanks to the aspect of core technology like integrative joint design, wireless connection, drag-and-drop demonstration, visual programming, safety protection, etc., has been leading the industry, currently Zu® Series Robots are widely applied in various assembly lines and work station. Scene application like welding, machine loading and unloading, grinding, injection molding, testing, packaging, injection, gluing, palletizing, sorting, and screw locking, etc.

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