Advantages of JAKA Cobots

JAKA Collaborative Robots (JAKA Cobots) have been successfully applied to automated production in multiple industrial sectors, providing innovation for industrial sectors with continuous and powerful equipment foundation.


01Wireless Connection Remote Assistance

  1. Wireless Linking

    JAKA Cobot’s most outstanding difference from other robots is its wireless connection, which means no long and annoying wires attached.

  2. No Teach Pendant

    JAKA APP is available on tablet PC, mobile phones, PC, by which you can use to interact with JAKA Cobots.

  3. Remote Assistance

    JAKA Cobot is the pioneer of wireless demonstration

  4. Remote Monitoring

    With JAKA Cobots's unique security authentication mechanism, we can implement remote task delivery.

02Safety Work and Flexible

Thanks to the concept of integrated industrial design, JAKA Cobots can perform their tasks well in harsh noise and dust environments, and excel in strict environments requiring high cleanliness.

  1. Drag and drop programming

    Drag and drop programming

  2. Graphical Programming

    Graphical Programming

03Open ecosystem Tri-co interaction

JAKA Cobot is based on the Linux scripting language, has good compatibility, and provides SDK (C, C++, C#) driver for secondary development of the system. Meanwhile, universal control is designed for fast docking of upstream and downstream automation equipment. Its outstanding features guarantee that when JAKA Cobots work in harsh environments like high temperature, high noise, high cleanliness, dust, etc., can still cope with operators, other robots, and working situations.

  1. Android

  2. Windows

  3. MORE+

04Modularized, integral joint techniques

JAKA Cobot originates from aerospace science and technology. Based on space robotic arm, it improves overall optimization on motor, reducer, and drive control board. JAKA Cobot is lightweight and compact, easy to disassemble, easy to transport, etc.

  1. Low self-weight

    the robotic body is lighter than ever

  2. High load

    robot can burden higher payload

  3. Easy to disassemble

    each joint can be disassembled quickly

  4. Easy to transport

    the whole part of the robot can be folded and portable


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