JAKA Robotics get the great result on the exhibition of Electronica China 2020

JAKA Robotics get the great result on the exhibition of Electronica China 2020

Sources of articles:About Us 2020-07-05

Electronica China 2020 has been held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on July 3 to 5, 2020. JAKA Robotics also attended the fair.

During the fair, JAKA Robotics showcased a ranges of applications and solutions on electronics industry. The quality and performance of JAKA Cobots have been fully affirmed and recognized by markets.

Some of applications below:

Optical Inspection: By communicating with vision and PLC, JAKA Zu 3 can detect the product defects such as luminance, impurity, noise point, etc. , instead of human eyes with  higher reliability and accuracy.

AGV Transport: JAKA Zu 7 integrated with AGV can realize Tri-Co interaction.  the hybrid cobot which integreated with 360° omnidirectional radar system to finish tasks such as grap and transport in complex environments.

PCB Inspection: JAKA Zu 7 can detect the quality of PCB by communicating with detection devices .The system can greatly improve production efficiency and quality.

Mobile Packaging: JAKA Zu 7 can package mobile phones and accessories with end tools, which can effectively replace work labors in 3C production line and reduce labor cost.

Mobile shell Polishing:Integrated of composite fixture and floating grinding tool, JAKA Zu 7 can be aplply to automatic polishing application. It help the company to solve the problems of recruitment difficulty, high labor cost and occupational disease injury.

Lithium-ion battery Station:JAKA Zu 7 is integrated into the lithium battery production line to replace the repetition manual process section.  It greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs  by its safety and efficiency, man-machine mixing .

Tracking Grabbing:JAKA Zu 7 can  monitor the speed of servo conveyor line in real time  by online function, to ensure constant motion with the product. Based on this function, various functions such as grasping, placing, gluing and welding can be realized.

PCB Dispensing:JAKA Zu 7 can precisely complete the track as process requirement by drag& grahphic programming, accurately control the glue flow and save materials as perfect replacement of workers.

JAKA stands for “Just Always Keep Amazing”, and devotes to improving customers’ productivity.


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