JAKA Academy,Creating Knowledge Training Of Highest Level In Robotics Industry

The course scheme provided by JAKA Academy is to combine theory and practice in perfection. Gradual training will be achieved through the courses. JAKA will provide training in globalized quality standards all over the country.

What you can achieve in JAKA Academy

Whether you are a robot operator, a robot maintainer, a robot programmer or a robot processing unit planner, you will achieve success.

JAKA Zu Fundamental Training

  1. JAKA Academy

    JAKA Academy course learning includes video courses and online courses, helping you succeed by providing globalized quality training and modular learning. JAKA Academy is not only a robot training organization, but also a study platform to keep you informed about the robot market, application trend and all-round automatic solutions.

  2. Intermediate Courses

    Industry experts can bring you professional knowledge, including Introduction to Robots, Robot Demonstrative Operation, Robot Parameter Equipment, etc.

  3. Advanced Courses

    You will learn and grasp JAKA Robots in all aspects. We can help you learn in lively and interesting interactive ways to prepare you a qualified robotics engineer.

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