Realizing automatic production of sandblasting process, 24/7 working condition

Case: A medical device manufacturer

To realize the automatic production of sandblasting process and improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Challenges faced

●Products in small batches with multiple varieties and frequent switching;

●Manual work process is unstable; highly possibility for more defective products;

●The noise and dust problem in this process is serious, which easily constitutes the risk of occupational diseases.


JAKA Zu 7 is deployed in the sandblasting process, optimizing the process cycle, realizing 24/7 working, and the inspection as well as handlingof the product.

●JAKA Zu 7 can be directly deployed in the existing production line without protective fence;

●One device corresponds to one sandblasting machine, and no major changes are required to the sandblasting machine.


●Reaching the existing production line cycle and optimizing the process;

●The defective rate has dropped significantly;

●Eliminate the risk of occupational diseases caused by noise and dust;

●Realize 24/7 working, improving the utilization of upstream and downstream equipment.


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