Complete 800 ~ 1200 sand core workpieces per day

Case: A supplier of automotive metal parts

Requiring the replacement of manual flexible production such as automatic reclaiming, dip coating, excess coating, unloading, etc.

Challenges faced

●Staff have limited experience in machine technology and programming capabilities;

●Increasing demand for production capacity, facing employment problems;

●Employees work monotonously and repeatedly, with high work intensity;

●Workpiece are of High temperature and fast manufacture cycle;

●The process is complex and the quality is high. It is necessary to meet the quality standards of casting sand cores of automobile companies.


Productivity UP by integrating JAKA Zu 7 system next to the sand core machine

●JAKA Zu 7 is simple operating, programming and low maintenance cost;

●JAKA Zu 7can nail all flexible moves to meet the demands of the users.


●A JAKA Zu 7 can complete the production requirements of 800 ~1200 sand core workpieces a day, and the automatic control makes the process stable and reliable;

●The company's raw sand core machine requires two people to operate, one person picks up parts,deburrs, and the other person performs dip coating and palletizing operations. Now only one person is required to operate,saving labor costs for the enterprise.


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