Provide Solutions for Various Application Scenes

JAKA Zu Collaborative Robot can mostly realize the omnidirectional automation of all the work. Meanwhile, JAKA Zu’s flexibility can also make the assembly of small batches combination products accessible economically.

Solutions For Scene Applications

JAKA Cobots can be widely applied to every scene application, and complete the production deployment rapidly.

  1. Screw Driving Screw Driving

    Screw Driving

  2. Polishing Polishing


  3. Glue Dispensing Glue Dispensing

    Glue Dispensing

  4. Pick and Place Pick and Place

    Pick and Place

  5. Packaging Packaging


  6. Painting Painting


  7. Welding Welding


  8. Palletizing Palletizing


  9. Flexible Assembly Flexible Assembly

    Flexible Assembly

  10. Procedure Transferring Procedure Transferring

    Procedure Transferring

  11. Quality Inspection Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

  12. More Situations More Situations

    More Situations

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